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KISDIR GROUP has been installing septic systems and leach fields for over 15 years. Septic tanks are an absolute must-have for homes and businesses that are not connected to a public sewer system.


Your septic tank is part of a complex plumbing system. A lot can go wrong if part of the installation process isn't done correctly. That's why it's so important to have a professional complete the installation job for you. As an experienced, fully licensed and insured Contractor, you can rest assured that KISDIR GROUP will build you a long-lasting, high-quality septic system you can count on.

Our team of experts can install complete septic systems for new construction projects, or replace just a single component - such as a failing septic tank or leach field. No job is too big or too small for our team of professionals here at KISDIR GROUP.

So, whether you need a new septic installed, repaired, or completely replaced KISDIR GROUP is here to help!

Bonney Septic 017 Before.jpg
Bonney Septic 005.jpeg
DWR Lexington Septic 004 Before.jpeg
DWR Lexington Septic 006 Before.jpg
DWR Lexington Septic 013 Before.jpeg
Bonney Septic 027 Before.jpeg
Bonney Septic 021 Before.jpeg
DWR Lexington Septic 003 Before.jpeg
DWR Lexington Septic 009 Before.jpeg
DWR Lexington Septic 011 Before.jpeg
Bonney Septic 066 After.jpg
DWR Lexington Septic 001 Before.jpeg
DWR Lexington Septic 008 Before.jpeg
DWR Lexington Septic 015 Before.jpeg
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