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At KISDIR GROUP, LLC we pride ourselves on being South Jersey’s premier deck contractor. Our experienced team members provide custom-built decks that perfectly suit your family and property needs. Working with us should be an enjoyable experience, and we strive to make sure you don’t have any unnecessary nonsense throughout the process. Decks can add real value to your home. Not only can a deck give you practical outdoor living space, but a custom deck can boost your curb appeal and enhance the overall look and feel of your home. If you want results like that, you need to work with the top custom deck company in South Jersey. KISDIR GROUP, LLC is proud to offer you custom deck solutions along with other outdoor structures.


We don't just make decks. We create custom outdoor living spaces that meet your needs and fit your budget. Add a railing and stairs. Upgrade the space with outdoor lighting. As an elite deck installer, we offer all types of custom designs. From composite decks, to our custom waterproof systems, to designer glass railing, our talented crew will bring your dream deck to life in no time at all! You’ll never get a cookie-cutter solution from us. We also make enclosures and other outdoor structures.


We guarantee to always create your deck according to the design plans created for you. Make sure to compare us against other local deck builders; with true control over your design and installation process, you’ll understand why choosing KISDIR GROUP is the best option! Call now! We’ll reply to your inquiries the same day you call, and we're ready to help you. Ask for a free estimate to get started. Let us turn your outdoor dreams into a reality. Call us today, 856-602-3241.

Mazzeo Deck 003 Before.jpg
Maya Deck & Fence 024 After.jpg
Mosely Deck Replace 001 Before.jpg
Porreca Deck 002 Before.jpeg
Porreca Deck 021 After.jpeg
206 Rambler Deck 001 Before.jpeg
206 Rambler Deck 003 Before.jpeg
206 Rambler Deck 002 Before.jpeg
Semon Deck 002 Before.jpg
Semon Deck 048 After.jpeg
Schwartz & Yankowski Deck 102 After.jpg
Schwartz & Yankowski Deck 085 After.jpg
Schwartz & Yankowski Deck 094 After.jpg
Schwartz & Yankowski Deck 093 After.jpg
Murphy Deck 003 Before.jpg
Murphy Deck 111 After.jpeg
Murphy Deck 002 Before.jpg
Murphy Deck 115 After.jpeg
Murphy Deck 110 After.jpeg
Murphy Deck 116 After.jpeg
Murphy Deck 109 After.jpeg
DiGrazio Deck 001 Before.jpg
DiGrazio Deck 002 Before.jpg
McGlynn Project 001 Before.jpeg
McGlynn Project 060 After.jpg
Wristbridge Deck 001 Before.jpg
Wristbridge Deck 002 Before.jpg
Hanscom Floating Deck  002 Before.jpg
Hanscom Floating Deck  003 Before.jpg
Fulgham Deck 002 Before.jpg
Fulgham Deck 001 Before.jpg
Grahm Deck 001 Before.jpg
Grahm Deck 010 After.jpg
Grahm Deck 002 Before.jpg
Grahm Deck 011 After.jpg
Grahm Deck 003 Before.jpg
Grahm Deck 012 After.jpg
Sawyer Deck 002 Before.jpg
Sawyer Deck 001 Before.jpg
Sawyer Deck 004 Before.jpg
Crane Deck 003 Before.jpg
Crane Deck 001 Before.jpg
Crane Deck 002 Before.jpg
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