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KISDIR GROUP, LLC is a family owned and operated company serving all of South Jersey. We're passionate about offering our clients the highest quality exterior services at affordable prices. Our company strives to provide excellent customer service through education, ensuring our customers can confidently make informed decisions when it comes to their project needs.


We understand that undertaking an exterior project is an important decision, which is why we'll explain all of your options in detail and answer any questions you might have along the way. Our team takes pride in providing lasting professional results that fit within your budget and offer second to none quality and craftsmanship execute your project desires.

We specialize in all things exterior. We average over 75 exterior projects a year. Ranging from decks, to roofing, siding, windows, additions, painting, framing, and anything else you can imagine. If you can dream it, we'll work with you to make sure your perfect outdoor aspirations come to life.

Chladny Project 001 Before.jpg
Chladny Project 035 Before.jpg
Chladny Project 002 Before.jpg
Chladny Project 041 Before.jpg
Chladny Project 030 Before.jpg
Chladny Project 040 Before.jpg
Chladny Project 263 After.jpeg
Milam Addition 001 Before.jpeg
Milam Addition 031 Before.jpeg
Milam Addition 044 Before.jpeg
Chladny Project 272 After.jpg
Milam Addition 022 Before.jpeg
Milam Addition 040 Before.jpeg
Milam Addition 041 Before.jpeg
Milam Addition 137A After.jpeg
Milam Addition 142A After.jpeg
Milam Addition 152 After.jpeg
Milam Addition 156 After.jpeg
Milam Addition 138 After.jpeg
Milam Addition 150 After.jpeg
Milam Addition 157 After.jpeg
Milam Addition 160 After.jpeg
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