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Our Top Tips for Choosing an Excavation Company

Whether you're working on repairing your foundation or breaking ground on a new house, you need a solid excavation company behind you. According to IBISWorld, as of 2022, there were 50,228 excavation contractors nationwide. Use our excellent tips to help find the right one.

Know Your Needs

There's a big difference between breaking ground on new land and helping repair an existing foundation. First, determine your needs. Then, find excavation companies with experience with the same type of project.

Look at Previous Jobs

Check out Google reviews on their website and see what other people are saying about the company. Ask them or previous customers if they have pictures of their work before and after. This is a great way to narrow down the excavation companies you want to work with.

Consider the Price

Price greatly influences who you hire for an excavation project. That's why it's crucial to get estimates from multiple companies. Ask excavation companies for a written estimate that details exactly how much the project will cost. Avoid shady companies who refuse to give you an exact price estimate. They may increase the price as the project progresses, and then you'll be stuck with a higher bill.

Check Their Other Services

Most companies offer other services to ensure you have a fantastic outcome. Ask companies if they provide septic or demolition services. Land clearing is another essential service to inquire about. This involves removing shrubs, trees, and other debris. If they don't, you'll have to hire another company to clear the land. Finally, ask about landscaping services. You'll need those services once the project is complete.

Know the Timeline

Excavation companies often spend weeks or months on a project. However, it depends on how large the project is. When getting an estimate, ask companies when they can start the job. Some may be backed up for months, which can be inconvenient if you want a job done promptly. It's equally important to consider how long the project will take.

Sifting through thousands of excavation businesses to find the right one can be a hassle. Instead of stressing over finding the right company, call us at Kisdir Group. We'll happily give you an estimate and discuss a project timeline with you.

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